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Online slot machines all have specific characteristics that they have in common. There are millions of VLT slots online that touch upon the most varied and imaginable themes. But all casino slots can be reviewed and rated according to specific criteria and standards. Let’s see together some terms that you will often read if you decide to enter the colourful and fun world of จีคลับ slot machines, to decide with which to start your new adventure, but above all with which to try to bring home a nice nest egg.

Ever Heard Of Payout?

On the Internet, choosing which slot machine to play with is not easy. If there are representative images, you will undoubtedly be impressed by them, so you will already make the first selection. Once you have decided on the slot’s theme, you will probably try to get as much information as possible, thanks to the different reviews on the VLT available online.

A Term That You Will Often Find In VLT Slot Machine Reviews Is Payout Or Payout. What Does It Mean?

The payout in layman’s terms is the percentage of winnings that a given slot machine returns to the player in a given period. Let’s take a payout example to help you better understand: a slot machine that collects $ 100,000 and has a monthly payout of 97% means that that same slot machine has returned to its players as much as $ 97,000, including winnings, bonuses, jackpots, in that precise month of activity. Generally, the payout of online VLT slots is around and exceeds 95%.

We would like to give you one piece of advice to consider the previous month’s payout of a VLT slot. If it is too high, perhaps it would be better to leave that slot alone because probably have generated a high number of winnings, it needs to reload and will tend not to pay too much.


This is also an essential factor to consider when deciding to play VLT slot machines. You will often come across this term, so it is worth spending a few words to help you choose the right slot but above all, to help you win.

The volatility of a VLT slot means the level of risk associated with it, so what you players can expect from the VLT slot at the end of the session from the point of view of the frequency of the win and the relative amount of money. Slots can be low or high volatility.

If the volatility of the slot machine is high, it means that it is difficult to win. That is, the frequency of the winnings is low, but the amount of the win, once obtained, can be high. On the other hand, if the volatility of the slot machine is low, it will be easier to win, so you will probably win more frequently, but the amounts will not be that high.

What to Do To Win, Once You Have Chosen the Slot Machine?

You have finally determined which VLT slot machine to play, based on the reviews from which you got all your information. What to do now? To avoid getting carried away and gambling your entire salary, here is a series of valuable tips to follow to play smart and consciously. Always keep in mind that you play to win and have fun and pleasantly spend your time.

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