Experience the most seamless and intuitive UI with FanFight and GetMega

Professionals use different digital tools and technology to create massive gaming applications and websites. They design these online gaming platforms, for example FanFight and GetMega, keeping in mind the interests of the players. Not only do these gaming apps and websites provide a plethora of conventional games that they can play virtually, but these platforms also focus on creating fantastic gameplay for individuals. For this matter, every gaming app and website tries to deliver the best user interface (UI) for the players. 

A user interface in a game allows players to carry out a particular task while they are playing the game. The team of gaming professionals designs gaming UIs with utmost care focusing on human psychology and physiology. While designing UIs, the professionals take note of the shape, colour and the way the game app will be used. There are several gaming applications and websites offering seamless UI that enhances the gaming experience of the users. Let’s take the UI of FanFight and GetMega into consideration and discuss the features of these two gaming platforms. 


FanFight is a fantasy sports app where players can participate in games like kabaddi, cricket and football. Gamers can play different tournaments in this app. For that, the players must register with FanFight, log into the platform, choose a match, create a team and select the contestants. FanFight comes with an impressive graphic design that was created concerning its UI. This app further offers a seamless gaming experience, keeping in mind the UI and UX. The developers have designed the app so well that it will be bound to deliver a quality gaming experience. For seamless gameplay, FanFight allows gamers to register with their authentic email IDs and passwords. 

Offering a series of leaderboards, FanFight makes it easier for the players to keep a track of their scores. Also, players get exciting prizes based on their scores on the leaderboards. This gaming app only allows whose IDs are verified by either emails or Facebook and Paytm profiles. Fanfight also provides opportunities for players to earn rewards from its referral programs and sign up bonuses. 


Just as FanFight, GetMega also is a multi-gaming application that features games based on three main categories, Casual, Cards and Trivia. Here individuals can play games like Rummy, Poker, Carrom, 123, PickMe and so on. The developers of this app have designed a clean and user-friendly UI that presents both horizontal and vertical gaming experiences. For instance, games like Poker, Warship, Carrom, etc. have vertical gameplay. Whereas, Rummy and GoPool feature horizontal gameplay. With an intuitive UI, GetMega makes it easier for players to interact with the games and earn. This gaming app exhibits gameplay that offers maximum entertainment and fun quotient. GetMega also presents optimally displayed gaming elements that enhance the focus and attention of the players, in comparison to other gaming apps and websites. Further, GetMega developers have used vibrant colours to make the elements easy to spot and use. 

The 24×7 leaderboards of GetMega for Cards and Casual games are both task and winning based. GetMega leaderboards are very rewarding as players can win exciting prizes including mobile phones and gold coins based on the games you are playing. This app allows all real players whose IDs are 100% verified from their Facebook profiles. GetMega app is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and is also RNG certified. Thus, it builds a platform where security and safety are extremely important. Also, this gaming app is the only real money gaming platform in the country that has both audio and video features. So, if you want to play with friends & family, this app is the best option. 

Every gaming platform just as FanFight and GetMega wishes to offer an intuitive UI that would help users to interact with the games easily. Hence, if you want to enhance your gaming experience with a seamless and intuitive UI, take a look at the above-mentioned applications and choose the one that suits you the most.

Frey Karan

The author Frey Karan