October 21, 2020


How has the perception of gamers changed over time?

There are many things you can do to stay busy in your spare time. Watching movies is a classic example, and lots of people use top streaming services to catch films on now. You could also get into painting, take up yoga, or learn how to ride a unicycle – the list of hobbies to enjoy is endless. One of the most popular though is gaming. Whether this is online casino or video games, it is something that more and more people do now. Much of this is down to the improved image that gamers have now, which makes people feel more comfortable when choosing to take up this hobby.

How has our perception of gamers changed over time though?

No longer seen as nerds or geeks

There is no easy way of saying this, but there was once a time when gaming was not cool. In the 80s and 90s, it did not have the same fun and funky image it does now. This also meant that gamers were not seen as cool and often dismissed as bedroom geeks. Recent years have seen this perception of gamers change though as gaming itself has become cooler. This image revamp has also been helped by celebrities and sports stars coming out as keen gamers, while eSports has shown that playing games can really pay off big.

No longer castigated as outsiders

In the dark old days of gaming, people were really worried about the effect that playing games could have on people. This could be seen in video games, where titles such as Mortal Kombat were criticized for exposing players to extreme violence. Many people worried that this would make players violent themselves – as a result, gamers were often viewed as dangerous outsiders in the past.

People who started playing online casino games when they first came out also had similar problems. Casino games still carried a stigma in many societies at the time, and this saw people who played them viewed with disdain. This has all changed in modern times though as most places now accept casino and video games as a key part of mainstream culture. A quick glance at any inclusive and fun NJ online casino shows this to be true.

No longer seen as lazy or unproductive

In years gone by, spending time playing online casino or video games was seen by many as a waste of time. People who played games were often dismissed as lazy or unproductive. A greater level of understanding around gaming has seen this attitude towards gamers change, however. It is now accepted that playing games can develop key skills such as leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking. This has seen people take a much more respectful view of gamers and what they get from playing games.

Gamers have a much better image now

It is true to say that the overall perception of gamers has changed a lot in recent years. People now have a much more sensible perspective on it. This has seen people feel free to enjoy gaming much more and helped the whole sector grow as a result.

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